Mobile Device Management: Do It Yourself

When talking about mobile device management, many people have in mind a complex, almost inoperable solution without the presence of a specialist.

Mobile device management: do it yourself

In some contexts that’s the way it is. Especially with solutions on premise (installed in the company’s internal server infrastructure). This model requires someone who administers these servers to have a good level of knowledge to ensure that everything works to the satisfaction without being dependent on third parties. As the costs for deployment and maintenance are relatively high, it ends up being an adoption justified only for large companies.

However, in recent years and with the popularization of cloud solutions this scenario has changed. Today, it is possible for any company, of any size, to know a cloud solution over the internet, to test in production before they even hire and then to hire only the desired quantity considering the current base of devices. Has the base increased? Add devices on the license! That simple. The operation has also been very facilitated. With dashboards that are simpler (but no less complex), these current solutions can deliver a better user experience for your IT professionals, even if they are not mobility experts. A good example is cloud4mobile itself, which has all been developed to enable self-service.

But after all, which is better? The “do it yourself” model or hire a specialist?

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Cloud4mobile Retrospective 2016

cloud4mobile MDM retrospective

To begin the year, we decided to do a special retrospective on 2016 for cloud4mobile MDM. After all, many were the challenges and the novelties of the year, with releases that have long been demanded by customers and partners. Check out in this post the main advances of Mobiltec’s MDM platform, offered as a service in the cloud.

January: Customization of the Operations Console

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What is Mobile Device Management

What is mobile device management

Mobile device management is a system that allows you to manage the use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, widely adopted by large companies that need to remotely monitor the use of their devices.

As mobile technology has become popular, today companies of all sizes already use equipment such as smartphones and tablets to perform their activities. Whether it’s equipping your sales force, your delivery team or specific trade-marketing actions, for example, mobility has become a key player in providing the vital dynamism of competitiveness. But soon in the first experiences, problems begin to appear. The device you purchased was designed to run the company-specific application and eventually some other apps, such as email and WhatsApp. In a technical analysis, its battery should last for a whole day, and memory should withstand needs. However, at the time of the operation battery drains faster than it is supposed to, the device starts to crash when the company’s application launches, the data plan that is supposed to support the entire month begins to burst, in addition to other problems.

So the complaints begin:

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