Cloud4mobile is now Android Business Partner

Android Business Partner

Managing the use of mobile devices in enterprises is a growing challenge. With the advancement of technology, threats grow and the more sensitive a company’s information, the greater the risk it runs. At the same time, mobile first thought ceased to be a trend and became a reality. No matter the industry or the size of the company. Equipping your workforce with mobility has become essential. However, professionals are increasingly demanding about the experience offered by devices, including business.

Given this scenario, it is up to solution providers to always seek new alternatives, to offer the best possibilities of security and experience for companies.

That’s why we are proud to announce that cloud4mobile is the first solution in Latin America to integrate the Android Business Partner program.

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EMM vs MDM: What is the difference?

EMM VS MDM: What is the difference?

MDM (mobile device management) is an ever-increasing need in everyday IT professionals. We already talked about this in this post that explains better what is MDM. However, the world of technology does not stop evolving and when we think understand something, a new acronym emerges. A substitute concept that ends up being sprayed on the internet and sometimes causes us more confusion than clarification.

Today we will talk about EMM (enterprise mobility management) and explain this new concept, as well as its difference in relation to MDM (mobile device management).

To begin to understand this topic, you must first get to know the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Gartner is a renowned US-based institute that has provided consulting services since 1979. His main activity is focused on technology-related research. These surveys present data related to the present market and trends related to the future market. Many executives from large corporations, located in the most diverse countries of the world, make strategic decisions based on the tendencies presented by Gartner.

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