Cloud4mobile Retrospective 2016

cloud4mobile MDM retrospective

To begin the year, we decided to do a special retrospective on 2016 for cloud4mobile MDM. After all, many were the challenges and the novelties of the year, with releases that have long been demanded by customers and partners. Check out in this post the main advances of Mobiltec’s MDM platform, offered as a service in the cloud.

January: Customization of the Operations Console

Some companies that act as cloud4mobile partners wanted to be able to customize the panel with their brands. This demand was still under development in the end of 2015 and was the first delivery of 2016.

March: Multiple System Administrators

At first, each environment was tied to a specific login. Then some customers started asking for the possibility to have some people from their teams accessing the environment, but with their own login. In March the feature was released and since then cloud4mobile can be managed by multiple operators.

May: Remote Assistance

It is not always easy to identify the cause of possible failures. Often, it is hidden in some hardware configuration. To simplify the diagnostic process and speed up troubleshooting, in May a release that allows remote log collection was published. Our support team has much more power with this information at hand, without depending on the user on the field.

August: Sound Alert

This month, a new feature has been made available that lets you trigger an alarm on the device (even if it is on the silencer) through the operations console. This feature was demanded by customers who kept several identical devices in one room and needed to quickly locate a specific device to deliver to outgoing users.

It was also in August that the team released a version that allows the customization of the background of the launcher screen, at the time only available for Samsung and LG devices.

October: Generic Launcher

This month was marked by the main milestone of this 2016 retrospective. The main purpose of an MDM system is to provide security options for enterprise mobile devices. The launcher allows you to enforce restrictions that ensure that only authorized applications can be accessed via the device. Until then, cloud4mobile had only made this feature available for Samsung and LG devices. In October, the release enabled this feature for the most popular Android devices on the market.

It was also this month that the platform included the possibility of blocking the notification bar through the launcher, giving more security for smartphones and tablets for professional use.

November: Hard Reset lock

The feature allows you to prevent user access to the hard reset option of Samsung and LG devices. This eliminates the possibility of escaping the launcher, giving greater security to the devices.

These were only a few milestones of release, which could not fail to be mentioned in this retrospective. Many fixes, improvements and implementations were made during the year! Now our team is working hard developing the integration with Google’s special APIs. With this, (very soon) there will be available the most advanced features for any Android device, starting with version 5.0.

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