Cloud4mobile is now Android Business Partner

Android Business Partner

Managing the use of mobile devices in enterprises is a growing challenge. With the advancement of technology, threats grow and the more sensitive a company’s information, the greater the risk it runs. At the same time, mobile first thought ceased to be a trend and became a reality. No matter the industry or the size of the company. Equipping your workforce with mobility has become essential. However, professionals are increasingly demanding about the experience offered by devices, including business.

Given this scenario, it is up to solution providers to always seek new alternatives, to offer the best possibilities of security and experience for companies.

That’s why we are proud to announce that cloud4mobile is the first solution in Latin America to integrate the Android Business Partner program.

The Android Platform is much more than an operating system. It offers features that can significantly amplify the benefits of mobility. Android Business Partner is a program that focuses on bringing all that potential to companies of different sizes. To this end, it enables global partners so that they can count on the advantages of the platform integrated with their software.

There are different categories of solutions in Android Business Partner. Cloud4mobile integrates the program into the COSU (Corporate-Owned, Single-Use) category, with a focus on enterprise-supplied device management for use exclusively in the work of its field teams to enable greater control and security in the use of enterprise devices.

How does this integrate with cloud4mobile:

Cloud4mobile is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform that focuses on mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and more. Through integration, the solution uses APIs provided by Google to give more power to your Android management solution. The general features will remain unchanged and able to serve the major Android devices, but for devices that rely on Android from version 6.0, you can use the layer called ‘Android for Works’, which changes some aspects, among which:

Rolling process: The devices served by the integration can perform the simplified enroll, by approach using NFC or QR Code technology. So, just set up a device to replicate the rules to others, without the need to manually enter the enroll code.

Extra security layer: In addition to the security already offered by cloud4mobile, devices that enroll via Android will have all of Google’s expertise through protocols created and managed through the use of machine learning, which examines devices on a daily basis to identify Any irregularities in the applications used.

Advanced Features: Through integration with Google’s APIS, cloud4mobile offers its full potential to vendor devices that do not have special APIs, such as Motorola.

Blacklist and urls whitelist: With the use of the Google APIs, cloud4mobile enables more effective control of web pages accessed through Chrome on your device. You can set up whitelist as well as block access to unwanted URLs (blacklist).

Accelerated evolution: Through the partnership, the cloud4mobile team will be able to always be one step ahead. This is because with the use of APIs, every new feature made available by Google can be incorporated by the solution in a few days.

Customized app store: Through a private environment on Google Play, you can perform operations such as purchase and approval of Play Store applications, silent installation, silent removal, setting global permissions, setting individual permissions, and setting remote applications for use professional.

Supported Devices: Initially, cloud4mobile’s use with advanced Android features is available for devices starting with version 6.0 of Android. Soon, it will be released for versions from 5.0 and later, serving up to 4.1. Go to the landing page and register your interest to be notified of the next releases.


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