Cloud4mobile is now Android Business Partner

Android Business Partner

Managing the use of mobile devices in enterprises is a growing challenge. With the advancement of technology, threats grow and the more sensitive a company’s information, the greater the risk it runs. At the same time, mobile first thought ceased to be a trend and became a reality. No matter the industry or the size of the company. Equipping your workforce with mobility has become essential. However, professionals are increasingly demanding about the experience offered by devices, including business.

Given this scenario, it is up to solution providers to always seek new alternatives, to offer the best possibilities of security and experience for companies.

That’s why we are proud to announce that cloud4mobile is the first solution in Latin America to integrate the Android Business Partner program.

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Launcher Android: isolating applications in cloud4mobile

Launcher cloud4mobile for Android

The custom Android Launcher is one of the most demanded features in a mobile device management solution. Its main function is to create an interface that acts as a cover, allowing the user to access only the applications authorized by the company. In addition, it has the option of blocking the notification bar, avoiding the possibility of “leaks”.

Until a few days ago, cloud4mobile only offered the launcher option for Samsung and LG devices, using special APIs. Now it’s officially available version that extends the features to suit any Android device.

See more about the Samsung special features for cloud4mobile (in portuguese).

Without further ado, let’s explain below with a step by step, how to configure your Android launcher:

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Cloud4mobile Retrospective 2016

cloud4mobile MDM retrospective

To begin the year, we decided to do a special retrospective on 2016 for cloud4mobile MDM. After all, many were the challenges and the novelties of the year, with releases that have long been demanded by customers and partners. Check out in this post the main advances of Mobiltec’s MDM platform, offered as a service in the cloud.

January: Customization of the Operations Console

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